A True Heart – Billy Dib’s Autobiography – Signed Copy




Billy Dib’s life began with the challenge of coping with chronic asthma in his early months, compounded by growing up in a difficult suburb of Sydney as one of only two Lebanese families. Despite facing constant bullying and being afraid to attend school, his faith gave him the strength to develop resilience and humility, and he learned to fight back. It was at the Sutherland PCYC boxing gym that his fate was set in motion.

In this honest and raw account of his life, Billy Dib, a two-time world champion boxer, opens up about his journey through the peaks of triumph and victory, and the valleys of despair and heartbreak. This book offers a glimpse into the highs of his life, including the joy of becoming a world champion, his interactions with international rock stars and some of the most iconic boxers in the world, and the immense happiness he felt when his son was born. However, his emotional journey takes a deeper turn, delving into the sorrow he felt after losing his first wife to cancer, and the toughest fight he has ever faced – his own battle with cancer.

Despite facing many challenges and difficulties that could have caused him to give up, he held onto his faith and his deep desire to be the best possible father to his son, which kept him going and gave him the strength to keep fighting and stay alive.

Embark on a journey with Billy as he takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride of his life, in an autobiography that will leave you unable to put it down! 


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